Home Loan in Ahmedabad
  • Dec 01, 2022

How to get a Home loan Easily in 2024?

For many people, owning a home is a dream and a Housing Loan makes these dreams come true. There are Home Loan Provider in Ahmedabad
who offers a wide variety of Home Loan in Ahmedabad, making it easier than ever to secure the money needed to purchase a home. These Home Loan Agents in Ahmedabad

Home loan Interest rates & EMI explained

Home Loan Interest rates have significantly decreased over time, with some institutions now offering rates as low as 8.25% p.a. Moratorium Finserv Home Loan Provider In Ahmedabad
provides Home Loans at great Home Loan Rates.

However, the majority of lenders only give 90% of the property's worth, thus a down payment of 10% is required. This amount may vary based on the property's cost. Consequently, if the value of your home increases, so will the down payment. If you don't have enough money in your bank account, this can become a little too much to handle.

Is there a way to avoid making a down payment, then? No, however, if you don't have enough money, you can always lessen the severity of it.

1. Take out an unsecured loan: If you don't have enough money to cover the balance, you may always ask a bank or other lender for an unsecured loan. If your property is worth Rs. 30 lakh and you have previously secured a house loan of Rs. 27 lakhs, for example, the remaining Rs. 3 lakhs can be covered by taking out a new loan. If you have a solid credit history, you could also be able to secure personal loans at attractive rates.

2. Enroll in the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana programme: This government-sponsored programme attempts to give the urban poor access to cheap homes. According to the plan, if you qualify, you might receive a Home Loan Rate rebate of up to 6.5%. The amount of the subsidy, however, will depend on the income range you belong to.

Utilizing the programme could ease the strain on your finances when it comes time to make repayments. Additionally, it will enable you to set up the money needed for a down payment. To take advantage of reduced Home Loan Rates on your home loan contact a Home Loan Agent in Ahmedabad, determine your Home Loan Eligibility and apply for the loan.

3. Take money out of your investments: There are several benefits to having a strong investment portfolio. In addition to securing your future, investing your money can help you get through tough financial times. For instance, you could always use your mutual funds or fixed deposits as security to obtain a low-interest loan. You can later set up finances to pay the down payment. Additionally, because secured loans have lower Home Loan Interest rates than unsecured loans, the pressure to repay the loan won't be as great.

4. Request financial assistance from friends or family: Although you could view this as a last resort, it isn't that horrible of a choice. The best aspect is that there is no Home Loan Interest charged on the amount you borrow. Additionally, you are not subject to any late penalty fees even if your payments are late.

5. Obtaining a loan from your company: Many businesses provide loans to their employees. Of course, there are several that could affect this, such as the employee's relationship with the employer and length of service. However, these loans are widely accessible and need little verification.

Home loan process In India

Step-by-Step Process of Applying for a Home Loan.

The following are steps to finish the Home Loan application process:
    1. Complete the loan application form and join the required paperwork.
    2. Process fee must be paid.
    3. Talking with the bank.
    4. Estimated Value of the Documents.
    5. Process of sanctioning or approval.
    6. Taking care of the offer letter.
    7. Processing of the property papers, then legal review.
    8. Performing A Technical Inspection and The Site Estimate.
    9. The last loan agreement.
    10. Signing the contract
    11. The Loan Payment.


Minimum Home Loan Eligibility

  • Age of 23 and Cibil score of 650+ are requirements.
  • For salaried circumstances, a person should be employed by a Pvt Ltd, Ltd, LLP, Partnership firm, or sole proprietorship.
  • A person shouldn't have missed or defaulted on any EMI payments in the previous 12 months.


Things to think about before you go for a Home Loan

1. Getting a second loan can be difficult: You already have a Home Loan, and you need to make your payments on time to keep your credit score high. You might experience some difficulty in case you apply for another loan.

2. Borrowing money from family members can be risky: There are indeed no additional fees involved with borrowing money from family members. However, if you don't pay back the money, family ties may suffer.

3. Secured loans can put your money at risk: If you choose a loan with security, you are directly placing your assets at risk. Consider your application for such loans carefully.


It's best to start carefully planning for a Housing Loan well before you take out a Home Loan in Ahmedabad for such risks. Moratorium Finserv Home Loan Provider in Ahmedabad can make your dreams come true with a Home Loan in Ahmedabad.