Personal Loan in Ahmedabad

Personal Loan in Ahmedabad

A personal loan is a unique loan where in borrower is free to use the loan amount for any of their immediate needs. Unlike a home loan or car loan where the borrower has to submit several documents, a Personal Loan in Ahmedabad requires fewer documents and the loan procedure is quick and easy. You have different options to get a Personal Loan, every bank or financial institution has different policies or rules depending on interest rates, tenure, and amount criteria.

Why a personal loan works best for you?

A personal loan comes with some amazing features that work well for a salaried and self-employed person. You can avail of a Personal Loan in Ahmedabad for any of the below purposes:

  • Medical Emergency
  • Travel
  • Wedding
  • Higher Education
  • Personal use
  • Home renovation and buying a valuable asset

Here are some features that make the Moratorium Finserv the preferred choice for Personal Loan Providers In Ahmedabad:

  • Unrestricted end-use of the loan amount
  • Easy and fast disbursal of the loan amount for immediate financial needs in 15 minutes
  • Hassle-free documentation process
  • Minimal documents required
  • Flexible loan repayment tenure (12 months to 48 months)
  • Attractive interest rates

At Moratorium finserv, one of the leading Personal Loan Providers in Ahmedabad, makes the Personal Loan in Ahmedabad process quick and easy for you.

Personal Loan Providers in Ahmedabad

Personal Loan is the loan which is available without any security or collateral. Another way it's called an unsecured loan. Those who are salaried employee or working in any of the organization on the basis of availing monthly salary is only eligible for Personal Loan. So, we can say that Personal Loan is for only salaried Employees only. We are Personal Loan Providers In Ahmedabad and we can help you get a Personal Loan in Ahmedabad to fulfill your personal needs.

Why go for a Personal Loan?

Personal Loan can avail for the purpose of Personal use like daily personal expenses, Medical Expenses, Wedding Plan, Travel Plan, Credit Card bill payments or any other Debt Consolidation.

What is the tenure of a Personal Loan?

Generally Personal Loan can avail from 1 year to max 5 years. However, some of the banks/ NBFC can extend the tenure from 5 years to 7 years depending upon the customer's Profile/ Company category and CIBIL scores.

As Personal Loan is unsecured loan so risk is involved to the lending company so, they generally charge ROI and PF on the risk capacity of the customer’s overall Profiles. The factor which is considered by the Personal Loan Providers in Ahmedabad like Bank/ NBFC on Customer’s CIBIL score/ Customer’s Profile/ Current Company Constitution- (Ltd company/ Pvt ltd company/ LLP/ Partnership & proprietorship) / monthly take home salary etc.

Feature & Benefits of Personal Loan

  • Instant money credit into bank Account
  • Fast Disbursement & Process
  • No Security or collateral require
  • Debt consolidation like CC payments or any other loan closer and Reduce Higher monthly EMI burden
  • Lower ROI compare to other money lenders/ friends/ relatives
  • Flexibility to choose the tenure for repayment.
  • No lengthy documentation process.

Document Requirement for Personal Loan

  • Identity proof- Pan card
  • Address Proof- Aadhar card/ Election card/ Voter id card/ Passport copy
  • Passport Size photo
  • Company ID card or Official Email id
  • Last 3-month Pay slip
  • Last 3-month Salary banking
  • Last 12-month EMI banking or all live loan SOA
  • Last year Form-16 or ITR copy

You can also apply for a joint Personal Loan with your spouse or any other family member. One of the important benefits of applying for a Personal Loan with a co-applicant is that the loan provider considers the income of both the applicant and you can also ask to apply for a higher loan.

Moratorium finserv makes the process of Personal Loan In Ahmedabad quick and easy Contact Us for details.

Personal Loan ROI & Charges

Loan Amount Rs. 1 lac- 50 lac
Tenure 1 Year - 7 Years
ROI 10.25% - 16%
Processing Fees 0.50%-3% + GST
Foreclosure Charges Nil Or 4% + GST
Part Payment Charges Nil Or 2% + GST

How will Moratorium FinServ help you?

As a financial service provider, we will help clients to get Personal Loan in Ahmedabad from various banks/ NBFC as we have a tie up with all the financial institutes/ Banks and have good relationships with them. We are able to provide faster processes and smooth services at the client's doorstep across all locations. (Pan India).

Due to our vast experience team and having good knowledge, we are able to provide service as per customer's requirement/Needs. We will suggest bank/NBFC to clients according to customer's profiles and financial eligibility & we help Clients to get the best offer from banks. Our motto is " Not to lend but to help " to solve clients’ financial problems.