Home Loan Provider In Ahmedabad
  • Nov 28, 2023

What is a Home Loan?

A Home Loan is a secured loan that you can avail to purchase a property. It is available against any property or collateral. It is one of the most secured loans and is considered the best option for any salaried employee or businessman. It can even be availed by any earning member of the family. Usually, Home Loan is availed for the purpose of purchasing new property such as bungalows, flats, land, plots under construction, and tenements. 

Moratorium Finserv, a Home Loan provider in Ahmedabad is a reputable and trustworthy agent for those who need secured Home Loans. The agents at Moratorium Finserv offer personalized solutions based on the capabilities of an individual and also become their guiding light throughout the process of seeking a home load. The agent and providers provide all the required details and help you in making informed decisions. You must be rest assured when you come to the best Home Loan Provider in Ahmedabad- Moratorium Finserv. 

How can Moratorium Finserv Help you?

Moratorium Finserv offers loans in Ahmedabad for a time period of not more than 3 years to 25 years. If you seek a loan from NBFC or a few other banks, they can extend this duration from 30 to 35 years, based on the CIBIL scores and Profile category of the individual. 

At Moratorium Finserv, our Home Loans are secured with low risk and we charge lower ROI and PF in comparison with unsecured Loans. If you plan to get a secured Home Loan from Moratorium Finserv, you will be benefitted from: 

  1. Zero-part payment and Foreclosure charges
  2. Lower EMI with repayment extended up to 35 years in a few cases. 
  3. Easy and quick disbursement and process 
  4. Maximum Top-Up for Home Renovation
  5. Availability of switching or transferring higher ROI to reduced ROI banks or NBFCs.
  6. Availability of overdraft facility in secured Home Loan. 
  7. Interests shall be charged on the amount utilized by an individual. 

Why Choose Moratorium Finserv for Getting a Home Loan in Ahmedabad?

Moratorium Finserv is a financial service provider that helps individuals seeking home loans at a secured and lower rate of interest in Ahmedabad. With our good and secure relationship with certain banks and other financial institutions, we are able to offer a smooth and quick process of securing Home Loans while you sit at home across any place in India.

With our experienced team of Home Loan agent Ahmedabad, we offer customized solutions as per our client’s requirements. We also offer reliable suggestions and recommendations as per the profile of our client to financial institutions, so that you can get the best offers and services from them. Our main aim is to “Not lend but help” when it comes to availing Home Loan in Ahmedabad. 


1. What services does Moratorium Finserv offer? 

Moratorium Finserv offers Personal loans, Mortgage loans, Business loans, Home loans, Project loans, and loans against Property. 

2. What types of Home Loans does Moratorium Finserv provide?

Moratorium Finserv offers Fresh Builder Purchase Loan, Resale Purchase Loan/ Seller BT, Home Loan Balance Transfer, Plot + Construction Loan

3. What is the minimum criterion for availing Home Loan?

An individual must be above 23 years old and have a CIBIL score of more than 650, and they must be an employed person and must not have any delayed payments in the past 12 months of tenure.