Home  Loan In Ahmedabad
  • Oct 15, 2023

A Home Loan is a type of loan that is taken to buy a property. It can be taken against a property or on a collateral basis. It is a secured loan with low risk involved to the lending company and can be availed by salaried persons, businessmen, or self-employed individuals. A Home Loan is usually taken to buy a new property like a bungalow, tenement, flat, plot or land. 

Salient Features of a Home Loan in Ahmedabad

Home loans usually charge low ROI and PF in comparison with unsecured loans. The commercial charges depend on the risk capacity of the client’s profile. Some more features for securing a Home Loan are:

  1. There are zero part payment and foreclosure charges.
  2. The rate of interest can be lower. 
  3. The tenure of repayment can be extended for up to 35 years, this would result in lower EMIs.
  4. Quick and easy process of disbursement.
  5. Good Top-up for home renovation and home extension. 
  6. An overdraft facility is available in-home loans/Top-up loans interest will be charged in utilized amounts only.
  7. Debt consolidation like CC payments or any other Loan closer.
  8. Benefit to transfer/ switch your higher ROI loan to lower ROI banks/ NBFC.

Eligibility Criteria for Securing Home Loan

You are eligible for a Home Loan only if you fit in the following criteria. The minimum criteria requirement for a Home Loan is- 

  1. Your age must be 23 years and CIBIL score must be above 650. 
  2. A person should be working in Pvt ltd/ ltd/ LLP/ Partnership firm and proprietorship for salaried cases. 
  3. A person should not have defaulted or delayed payments in any of the EMIs in the last 12 months

Rate of Interest and Charges for Home Loan

  1. Loan Amount- Rs. 10 lac- 10 Cr
  2. Tenure- 5 Years - 30 Years
  3. ROI- 7.50 % - 10 % (Floating)
  4. Processing Fees- 0.25% -2% + GST
  5. Foreclosure Charges - Nil for Floating ROI (4% for Fixed ROI)
  6. Part Payment Charges- Nil for Floating ROI (2% for Fixed ROI)

Why Choose Moratorium Finserv?

As a Financial Service Provider, Moratorium Finserv helps clients seek the best home loan rates in Ahmedabad from various banks/NBFCs. Moratorium Finserv believes to have strong relationships and tie-ups with several financial institutes/ and aims to provide smooth services at the client's doorstep PAN India. 

Connect with us to solve all your financial problems and get the best offers from banks for Home Loan in Ahmedabad.


 1.For how much time is a Home Loan given? 

Moratorium Finserv has tie-ups with reputed NBFCs and banks that offer Home Loan for a period of a minimum of 3 years to 25 years which can be extended. 

2.What services other than Home Loans does Moratorium Finserv provide?

Moratorium Finserv offers Personal Loan, Loan against Property, Business Loan, Project Loan, and many other financial services. 

3.How to connect with the associated team at Moratorium Finserv?

You can call us at 91 848 884 4116 or write to us at support@moratoriumfinserv.com.